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Recent Grants

1 R44 HL099053 
7/17-7/20 : $1,337,000
A device for ambulatory monitoring heart failure patients. A project to study low frequency siesmocardiographic signals for monitoring heart failure patients.

1 R43 HL112374 
6/12-5/14 : $354,000
Bedside monitoring of endotracheal tube position. A study to develop an acoustic methodology for monitoring the position of endotracheal tubes.

1 R43 HL099053
8/11-7/13 : $362,000
A portable device for ambulatory monitoring of heart failure using heart vibrations. A study to develop a low frequency methodology and device for monitoring heart failure patients.

1 R44 DK59685-01
5/06-5/11 : $1,200,000
Rapid assessment of vascular graft patency. A study to develop an acoustic methodology and device for rapid assessment of blood vessels.




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